Have you been involved in a slip, trip or fall?

Slip, Trip & Fall Accident Claims

If you’ve been injured in a slip, trip or fall, we can help you make it right.

Compensation for a slips, trips or falls

Falling over in public can feel embarrassing and unfair, especially if caused by somebody else’s negligence. But worse than that, the injuries caused can be painful, and sometimes serious.

Making a compensation claim can seem daunting. But we’re here to make sure you know exactly what it involves and to guide you through the process one step at a time. Whether you know you have a claim, or are looking for free, impartial advice about potentially making a claim, we can help.

We have 20 years’ experience helping people access compensation. So, if your accident happened in the last three years and was somebody else’s fault, then there’s a good chance you’re entitled to make a claim.

People don’t deserve to be injured because of somebody else’s inaction or neglect. They don’t deserve to be left out of pocket or unable to work because of an injury that could have been avoided. And that’s why we’re committed to helping people make it right.

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    Injured In a slip, trip or fall accident

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    Slips, trips and falls generally happen because businesses and local councils didn’t take the correct safety measures to keep you and other members of the public safe.

    This means most slips or falls are caused by:

    • Wet floors
    • Uneven flooring
    • Cracked or uneven pavements
    • Unexpected obstacles
    • Inadequate lighting

    Your local council is responsible for keeping public pavements, steps and walkways safe.

    Businesses such as shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants also have a responsibility to keep you safe from slips and trips. They must signpost wet floors, keep walkways or aisles clear and clean up spillages as quickly as possible.

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    How Much Can I Expect To Get For My slip, trip or fall Injury?

    Compensation Claims Calculator

    Type Of InjurySerere SeriousModerate
    Head & Brain Injury£1 million plusUp to £500kUp to £100k
    Neck & Spine Injury£1 million plusUp to £500kUp to £100k
    Shoulder InjuryUp to £25kUp to £10kUp to £7k
    Back InjuryUp to £95kUp to £25kUp to £7.5k
    Internal Injury£100k plusUp to £20kUp to £5k
    Arm InjuryUp to £150kUp to £50kUp to £5k
    Hand & Wrist Injury£100k plusUp to £50kUp to £5k
    Pelvis InjuryUp to £75kUp to £25kUp to £15k
    Leg Injury£150k plusUp to £75kUp to £15k
    Ankle & Foot Injury£100k plusUp to £35kUp to £7.5k

    How To Claim Personal Injury Compensation for a slip, trip or fall accident In England & Wales

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