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Mis-Sold Pay Day Loans

We all can get in a tough spot financially occasionally, and may need a small loan to help tide over cash until more comes in, but many people have been mis-sold pay day loans at unreasonable rates and get locked into a cycle of taking out expensive pay day loans to service their existing debts

Our legal team are experts in mis-sold pay day loans and can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve!

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Have I been mis-sold a pay day loan?

You might have been mis-sold a pay day loan if the lender:

  • Did not properly assess your personal and/or financial circumstances
  • Did not provide you with the appropriate information about your options
  • Did not give you a recommendation appropriate to your circumstances
  • Harassed you with phone calls, threatening legal letters and text messages
  • Repeatedly allowed you to ‘roll over’ your loans to the next month
  • Did not make clear the terms of the loan or the total cost or repayment fee
  • Encouraged you to borrow more than you needed

Why Ontime Claim?

Our solicitors are experts in this area and are experienced in following complicated paper trail histories to find the real reason you were mis-sold a pay day loan and will get you the compensation you deserve.

If you think you’ve been mis-sold a pay day loan give us a call for a free assessment of your claim.

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