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Cavity Wall Insulation

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Do I have a cavity wall insulation claim?

Are you suffering from damp or mould in your walls as a result of poor cavity wall insulation? There are thousands who are due compensation that could cover:

  • Cost of wall repairs
  • Cost of temporary living (while new walls are installed)
  • Removal of faulty cavity

What is cavity wall insulation?

In recent years, many homes have been fitted with cavity wall insulation, which when working as they should are an excellent insulator and money saver. However, there are thousands who are suffering as a result of poor workmanship and having to deal with damp and mould as a result.

Although there are manufacturer rules and guidelines regarding types of insulation, there are still those who would sell this product to people with unsuitable homes, or simply install it poorly without a care to the homeowner’s finances or wellbeing.

Thousands have been affected by mould and damp in their homes because of cavity wall insulation, often resulting in expensive renovations, and even health issues.

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