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Back Injury

If you’ve had an accident and injured your back, Ontime Claim can help recoup your peace of mind and get you compensation, now!

Back injuries are extremely common and can range drastically in severity, from minimal pain for a few days, to lifetime mobility problems.

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How can back injuries happen?

Back injuries are particularly common in traffic accidents but can also be sustained at work by falling from height, lifting heavy objects or slips and trips in public spaces like the supermarket or train station. The muscles and structures in the back are complex and are very easily put out of place.

Why Use Ontime Claim?

Our experienced legal team will work to get you the best medical attention and the compensation you deserve based on the severity of your injuries. Our success rates are some of the best in the UK, which is why we are a no win no fee service, and we promise to keep things simple, and never to use legal jargon.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Expert legal advice to get you the best compensation possible.
  • Case management, so you can breathe easy and get on with the important stuff.

How much compensation will I receive?

Back injury compensation can be up to and over £1,000,000 depending on the severity of the injury, the abilities of the victim, the age of the victim, the cost of adapting the home of the victim and the cost of any specialised vehicles needed.

Find out today if you have a claim, and let our expert team get you the compensation you deserve!

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Remember, NO WIN NO FEE. It’s in our best interest to win your case!

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